To British Columbia and Beyond

Here is a sneak peak of the wonderful ski weekend I just enjoyed at Sun Peaks Resort in Canada. From the Top of the World (name of the ski run), you could see to the rugged mountains and deep valleys of British Columbia. Story and more photos coming soon!

Skiing at Sun Peaks Resort Canada

The Joyful Shoehorn Hits the Snow

My neon green shoehorn, a Christmas gift from my sister, went on its first joyful adventure today – snowshoeing around Salt Creek Falls in Oregon. A fabulous post to come but here is a photo to tide you over!

Photo courtesy of Corrie Sizemore

Snow, Rain & Wine

Three things I inevitably – and sometimes joyfully – look forward to each winter is snow, rain & wine. Unless one of the three stop me from enjoying the others, such as with this photo. I attempted to take my family out wine tasting while they were in town last weekend, yet the weather like a mean step-sibling, howled, blowed and snowed us out of the delicious warm tastings we so desired. But stuck in the snow trying to reach one of my favorite vineyards, I still snapped this awesome stormy photo.

Blizzard Vineyard

Cold Feet in Eugene

With below freezing temperatures this past week in Eugene, Oregon, I’ve learned two new things about myself:

1. I am jealous of people who have car garages

Scrapping the car windows

2. My toes don’t appreciate ice flakes falling on them – It’s time to find some new winter work shoes.

Cold - but cute - feet

I guess I should start following my own tips:

How to Survive Winter in the Pacific Northwest

The Winter Solstice is coming up on Dec. 22, 2011 and those rain clouds are moving in.