The Joyful Shoehorn Hits the Snow

My neon green shoehorn, a Christmas gift from my sister, went on its first joyful adventure today – snowshoeing around Salt Creek Falls in Oregon. A fabulous post to come but here is a photo to tide you over!

Photo courtesy of Corrie Sizemore


What’s in a Name? A video medley

Out of sheer boredom the other day I decided to do some Google research for inspiration about the Joyful Shoehorn. While our blog’s random name came to birth out of pure silliness and the help of a website, I was still curious about if there was anything else out there about the name. And OH the amazing findings.

So What’s in a name?

n. Shoehorn

: a curved piece (as of horn, wood, or metal) used in putting on a shoe.

Adj. Joyful

:experiencing, causing or showing joy: Happy

So according to Merriam-Webster a Joyful Shoehorn is a curved tool used to put on your shoe that causes happiness. So true so true….especially with all its practical uses.

But a definition is not the soul of a name, so the search continued. To my surprise, I found blog-name gold just a few listing below. Besides a happy shoe tool, a shoehorn is also “a tap dancing saxophonist who works as a solo performer, bandleader, soloist, accompanist and sideman” – now that is multitasking. If I could do that many things at once, this blog would have a lot more posts by now (but we’ll get there). For your amusement enjoy this video of one very Joyful Shoehorn! Or check out his website to order a CD.

But it doesn’t end there either.

A shoehorn is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsue escape move – next time I get stuck in this tricky position, I’ll know just want to do.

And a music video with a dancing Gorilla.

And finally of course The Joyful Shoehorn is….this blog and whatever else you want it to be.

Howdy Blog-O-Sphere!

Welcome to the joyful and wacky-world of the shoehorn blog. Three roommates with too much free time and not enough creative outlets (even if our coffee table is usually covered in art projects and the carpet just got a new blue paint stain).

How did can up with Shoehorn you ask?…well that will have to be a post for a later day. We can’t give away all the goods on the first post.

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