Gluten-Free Hiking

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the staple food of my childhood. Anyone else? From the playground to hiking trails, the sticky-sandwiches were Ziplocked and stashed in my pack on an almost daily basis.

So you can feel my despair, when all of a sudden…no more PB&J. It’s the Gluten-Free (well, almost GF) life for me now. So here are three of my favorite gluten-free hiking snack alternatives to keep you feeling like that energizer-bunny, school kid on every mile.

Recipe for a good hiking snack:

  • packed with protein and calories
  • light weight to carry
  • doesn’t need to be refrigerated

Trail Mix

Try making your own! It’s cheaper, plus then you don’t have to pick out all the ingredients you don’t like. I enjoy a simple mixture of raw almonds with white raisins and chocolate chips.

trail mix

Rice cakes with peanut butter

Slap two of these together and enjoy almost like a real PB&J! If you want to mix it up more, try the apple cinnamon cakes with almond butter or nutella.


Home made granola bars

These are way cheaper than the prepackaged snacks and customizable to be gluten-free – just make sure to use GF rolled oats. I like adding sunflower seeds, toasted almonds, white chocolate chips and coconut to my creations. Just bake and wrap in plastic to make it to-go friendly. Here’s a tasty recipe!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

What is your favorite treat to bring hiking?

*Always check package descriptions and ingredients when buying gluten-free snacks.


How NOT to Cook Nachos

I learned a hard lesson today. How to not cook nachos.

As a wonderfully quick yet amazingly delicious meal, nachos are one of my favorite treats. I have mastered – or thought so –  the basic chip with melted cheese recipe by laying out a single layer of corn tortilla chips and lightly sprinkling with cheese before popping in the oven for a few minutes. Yet tonight something went horrible wrong. After only a brief cooking in the oven, I notice a little bit of smoke coming out of the back burn and when I openned the oven the nachos where burning like a s’mores making fire pit. The not-good-with-crisis me just flipped out and yelled for my roommate. As I openned all the doors, turned off the oven and scurried the house for the fire extinguisher, she quickly and calming put out the fire.

All I imagined was they entire apartment burning down – good thing she was around.

So to help me out. What is your favorite nacho recipe? I don’t want another repeat of tonight – it ruined my appetite.

Burnt chrispy