Running the Eugene Marathon Half

Last Sunday all of my hard training came together as I crossed the finish line at Hayward field for the Eugene Marathon half. After 13.1 miles I was exhilarated to have finished my first race in 02:27:48. My legs were a tad tired – my hips started hurting around mile 12 – but otherwise I felt good and I even finished a few minutes under my goal time. Surrounded by cheering crowds with cowbells, I couldn’t image a better way to finish my first half marathon then on the historic field in Eugene with my mom (this was her first half-marathon too) by my side!

My next goal is to run the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon on August 26, 2012 in under two hours.  Here’s to long summer evenings pounding the pavement!

Here are few photos from my race:

My Mom and I as we wait in the corral for the race to start.

Runners hit the street for the Eugene Marathon

Runners hit the street for the Eugene Marathon

Running the Eugene Marathon

Trudging on around mile 8

Almost to the finish line at Hayward Field

My mom & I with our half marathon medals after finishing!

Have you ever run a long distance race? What is your best tip for new runners?


Sweet Summer Solstice

A day with more sunlight than ever, Sweet Cheeks Winery wrangled in the summer solstice with a super sweet celebration.

Two glasses of Sweet Cheeks' Riesling

With more grey days this spring than I think anyone expected, it felt like summer would never come. Did we even have a spring in Eugene? So with light lasting well into the evening, Eugenian’s were ready to party when the sun finally came out – and just in time for the first day of summer.

The patio at Sweet Cheeks even before the event officially started was jam-packed with winos basking in the sun. Selling wine by the bottle and spreading the love, Sweet Cheeks welcomed from large groups to couples for the evening.

Hanging on the patio

Overlooking the vineyards as the sun set, the music went up. Grooving to the sounds of reggae led by Norma Fraser the celebration quickly turned from sitting to standing as guests took to the dance floor.

The wine liven the night and as the stars scattered the sky, we all drank in the start summer.


Cheers to the start of summer!

“Summer Solstice is one of the great turning points of the year, when the sun is at its peak and the days abound with the promise of life’s fullness. It is a serenely powerful time in which the beauty of the natural world can infuse our spirit, bring us alive to the present, and perhaps awaken a deeper sense of relatedness to the community of life, to the Earth, and to the cosmos.” – Paul Winter