Mountain views from Maryhill Winery

From the patio of Maryhill Winery along the Columbia River Gorge in Washington, savor sippable views of Mt. Hood with a glass of their Rose of Sangiovese.

Mt. Hood sunset

For more about my recent trip out to Maryhill Winery, check out my wine blog Oregon Winette in the coming week.


2 thoughts on “Mountain views from Maryhill Winery

  1. Hi Kelsey, I hope all is well. Cool shot. I’m sure it was fun hanging at Maryhill! I wanted to let you know, has a spot for photographers like yourself to submit photos of the area, as we feature a photo of the day along with a collection of photos submitted. Just a good way to let more people see your cool photography! I was also wondering if you would ever be interested in being a contributing writer for I have set the site up so contributing writers have a profile page. You can see an example of what I am talking about here. let me know if you are interested in discussing this more.

    Warm Regards,

    Kenny Bavoso



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