Buick Tweet House Road Trip: King Estate

What do you get when you invite four social media enthusiasts together for a wine road trip? – a tweeting good time.

Joining the journey south, I met the #BuickTweetHouse group for dinner Tuesday night in Eugene at King Estate. Packing in some serious social media power, the crew rolled in a tad late but in style in the burgundy, Buick Enclave that we would be driving to the Napa Film Festival over the course of the next few days.

Holding social media luminaries like Tweet House founder, Steve Broback @sbroback, wine enthusiast, Barbara Evans @SeattleWineGal, and innovative social media strategist for GM, Lisa Gilpin @lisagilpin – it was an understatement that I was nervous. But my excitement for the awaiting adventure ousted the clammy hands and trebling toes. And after a sip of King Estate’s, soft pink rose, Luminous, the conversation settled in like the comfort of friends and the trip really began for me.

Though I’ve been to King Estate a few times for food and wine, this was my first dinner at the restaurant.

Starting with a dollop sized crab cake that was flawlessly crispy on the outside and meltingly delicious within, the food and hospitality shined from first bite. Paired with the Luminous, the crab cake’s saltiness balanced well with the very light sweetness of the wine.

For dinner I enjoyed the Oregon Albacore Tuna, seared rare. It was phenomenal. The outer edges of the tuna were lightly cooked giving each bite a touch of flaky goodness and then the soft, pink inside exemplified the fresh taste of the tuna. Served over carrots and other vegetables with a rich – yet not over powering – buttery sauce, and paired with the new release, 2010 Signature Pinot noir, my entrée disappeared as if I hadn’t eaten in days.

A consensus that each dish was mouth watering worked its way around the table with the buzz of swift moving forks and deep satisfying ummms and ooohs.

To top it off, The Restaurant at King Estate, led by Executive Chef Michael Landberg, uses seasonal, organic ingredients in every dish whenever possible. Mostly grown in the estate’s organic gardens and orchards and then deliver to the crafting hands of the chefs, the food used to build King Estate’s delicious menu shows off the fantastic regional offerings and are artfully paired with the winery’s award-winning wines.

Between sips and folk shoveling of the gourmet dinner, iPhones snapped twitpics and sent exclamations to the twitterverse of the royal quality of the food and wine. Lifted like a celebratory clanking of glasses, we gave a social media cheers to King Estate.

King Estate tour


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