Framing Portraits: An Adventure with OneStepBigShot

This afternoon I ventured through the wild, untamed roads of Eugene to the University of Oregon campus. Dodging skateboarders, helmet-less bikers, rushing hair-frizzed, tardy school goers, and carefree sunglasses wearers – I practically felt like I was in Zanesville, Ohio, and all the game animals had escaped.

“Wow I haven’t been to campus in forever, it’s like another world,” I thought as I walked past the UO Duck Store. But dangers and all I was on an adventure…and art adventure to be exact.

Rounding the corner, I found my partner in crime for the curious quest, Jordan Eddy. Tall and slender with a contagious smile and holding an empty picture frame up to the oncoming crowd, I spotted him right away – though we never had met.

Jordan and I crossed paths – or should I say tweets – last spring. A fellow Eugene area blogger (One Step Big Shot) with a focus in the arts, we connected via twitter and started following each other’s various adventures and photos. With a passion for the visual arts, Jordan is an up & coming art critic with an eye for the unique and a fantastic working knowledge of the art world. So when Jordan or @OneStepBigShot DM’d me (direct messaged, twitter term) to join him on an art adventure, I quickly agreed.

The concept for the afternoon was framing portraits – a play on our shared love of photography. So with a little bit of wire twine and three empty, used picture frames from Goodwill we created our own outdoor photo studio. Twirling in the wind like a metallic wind chime, the frames hung from a large, branchy tree and seemingly levitated outside of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Using our energy and of course smashing good looks, we gathered random passing students, faculty and visitors for a quick snap shot portrait – and luckily no one bit.

The first victim of the day. Love the one eyebrow!

The cutest campus couple

A history professor on campus


A international film maker

More Portraits:

See your photo above? Let me know in the comments.

Want a copy? Send me an email with the description of the photo and I will shoot it your way.

Thanks to everyone who didn’t look at us strange and volunteered for the photos.


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