A Day in my Life

Woke up, got ready. Bought coffee at gas station, talked myself into buying a pack of doughnuts. Ate doughnuts. Felt a little sick. Went to work, had a meeting with the boss. Told I wasn’t needed at work. Drove to the store. Bought food, bought gas, went to Goodwill to buy replacement coffee pot I broke earlier this week, drove home. Went for a long walk, it felt nice. Got lost on walk, within three miles of my home. Felt pretty awesome about that. Found my way home and checked the mail. Opened a letter saying my license was suspended. Had minor panic attack. Called DMV, got everything resolved. Felt good to be able to drive again. Talked on phone to a friend for an hour. Did the dishes, swept the floors, made work calls, filled out timesheets, and ate a late lunch. Is this really a day off? Prepped for social group happening later. Got a car wash. Went to library. Checked out lots of kid books. Went to work. It was a hard group, lots of kids not following directions. Felt happy about how it was all handled. Bought ice cream, ate more of it than intended. Went back to work, girls night in. Did some yoga and dance. Ate pizza. Good time, but tired, done at 11pm. Drove home from work. Went to bed.

A day in my life.

By Sarah Oltman


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