Tough Girl

The epitome of the tough girl.

A gun slinging, horseback riding, no-nonsense women who can wear a cowboy hat with the boys but steel their hearts with the passion and ruthlessness of the Sundance Kid, Molly Gray took the stage hostage with her musical charm at the Hult Center this past week in Girl Crazy.

Hult Center lobby before the show

As the pillar theatrical performance for the 2011 Oregon Festival of American Music, Girl Crazy (1930) brings together unforgettable tunes that stick in your head like gum on your shoe with musical comedy that only the infamous George & Ira Gershwin could create. The 1930s musical follows New York playboy, Danny Churchill, who is sent out West to get over his girl crazy ways, as he falls in love with the only set of legs in sight, Molly Gray.

A comical love story with popular, catchy songs, the community theater performance left me humming its famous tune “I Got Rhythm” and joking with my friends about whipping out my tap shoes for a living room re-make (I’m horrible).

Oh and did I mention that this was a Bucket List item.


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