Pacific Crest Trail

While visiting with my family at a cabin in Lake Almanor, California I decided to spend a morning trying my luck on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). My hike took me on a three to four mile stretch of the PCT near Lassen National Forrest right outside of Chester, CA.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650 mile trail that stretches from Canada to Mexico. This scenic trail takes hikers through several National Forests, Parks, and Monuments, as well as State Park and Recreation Areas.

While my hike was only about an hour long, about 300 more serious hikers attempt to hike all 2,650 miles of the PCT each year. Inspired by this I set out on my hike at a quick pace trailed by parents, aunt, brother, and cousins. Needless to say this posse slowed my pace and limited my distance. Regardless it was a pleasant hike through picturesque forest and I would love to try my legs on another segment of the PCT soon.


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