5 Years of Friendship and 100 Posts

100 posts in three months, not bad huh? Thank you for coming along on this blog-a-coaster with Sarah and I. We are excited to share more of our trips, thoughts and photos. So stick with us and this silly shoehorn – plus how could you stop reading before you see us finish our jumping bridge tour!? Four more to go and a road trip coming soon.

This blog was built on a roommate situation but is maintained by a fabulous friendship and an insatiable sense of adventure. So I thought it only appropriate to do our 100th post as a look back at our five years as besties.

Sarah and I met the weekend before our first day of freshmen year of college and have stayed close friends through four years at the University of Oregon – 4 years of football games, 4 Halloweens, 8 birthdays, 3 out-of-state vacations, many great random day trips – plus now 1 year out of college as roommates in Eugene.

Here is a look at five years of friendship starting in 2006 and moving today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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