34. Lending a Hand in Eugene

The other week on one of my free Tuesday evenings, my co-worker and I checked another item off my bucket list by volunteering at FOOD for Lane County. We “rescued” food by taking leftovers from local restaurants and caterers and repackaged them into Ziplock bags and containers to be distributed. A messy job but I have to say the feeling of cold rice and noodles in your hands (with gloves on of course) is intriguingly satisfying – just like the overall evening. It felt good to spend three hours of my night helping out and being productive in my community. If everyone just took one day a month to help out imagine the difference we could all make. I definitely plan on going out to the food bank again to lend a gloved hand to leftovers in need.

Here are some volunteer opportunities in Eugene:

There are also plenty of ways to just lend a hand in your regular daily life. Get involved with your church by helping with childcare or greeting. Help out your neighborhood by setting up a street cleaning party or volunteer to weed the neighbors yard. If you have a kid in school, volunteer for a school organization like the PTA or sports teams and if you are a kid help out with a school activity or join a service club.

Some of my favorite memories of growing up was volunteering. In elementary school for my one of my birthdays, my friends and I marched through our town with the PTA waving “VOTE YES” signs for the school levy and in high school each year we would do a 10K walk for hunger.

Whatever your skill, just get out a serve!


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