While most people wouldn’t think working the fourth of July sounds like an ideal way to spend the holiday, for me it has become a norm – and one that I wouldn’t give up most years. With so much free time on a day off, what in the world would I do?

My fourth year in Eugene for the summer and my third working Independence Day, I have had to plan my evening festivities a little closer together, but my job has also taken me to events and celebrations I wouldn’t otherwise experience. In 2008 I even have the opportunity to work the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials.

This year I maned an information table for my job down at the Creswell Independence Day Celebration. With 80 degree weather, fair food and a parade made for kids who want candy, the fourth in Creswell is epitome of small town America with a big town pride.

Firetruck rolls down Oregon Ave. in Creswell

Luckily my work allows me to enjoy my day out and about, so I caught a bit of the parade. Kids scurried about to catch flying candy and to wave at the firefighters and policemen.

Mowers make there way down the street

Beyond just the normal parade floats with little Oregon misses and community members, the Creswell parade also brings out the local farmers. One of my favorite groups to hit the road was the farmers on their lawn mowers.

With wonderfully long summer days, once I got off work I was able to hit up two barbeques before heading to fireworks. Camping out in a field at the end of a local neighborhood, I watched the sun set west over the coastal mountain range and waited for the blasts to take flight.

A firework in a firework

Surrounded by a few small streets, I was able to watch three big shows from the comfort of the freshly cut field. Two neighbors seem to be hashing it out with big shot after big shot. Another show consistently fired of behind me and due west the show I came for – the Eugene Rodeo’s evening finale.

These big lights were being shot off my the neighbors

Lighting up the sky


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