6-8. Walking Among Ancients

There aren’t many places anymore in the American forests that are untouched – where trees haven’t been shaved down at least once and where the streams are allowed to flow with their will.But for us lucky few who can withstand the damp, gray setting of the Pacific Northwest are surrounded with possibilities to explore these ancient natural wonders.Yet few of us venture to the forests to explore. And why – they really aren’t that far away. Some places you still have cell phone reception for those you afraid to disconnect.

Reaching for the Sky

Within an hour drive of Eugene, Oregon and through the beautiful and lush McKenzie River Valley stands trees that are over 650 years old. They climb upward to the sky with awe that is way beyond the skyscrapers of the city. And while this spot is not a popular drive-through like the Redwoods, the moss covered trees and fern laden groves that line the Delta Old Growth trail is just as accessible to the nature repellent person as it is back-country to the tree huggers. (Bucket List hike)

The Big Tilt

One of the stops along the extensive McKenzie River Trails that follows the river from Springfield to the top of the McKenzie Pass in the Cascades, the Delta Old Growth trail offers are short ½ mile loop trail to see the woody towers. At the entrance of the trail, a self-guided map provides hikers information about the plants and their uses by the Native Americans who used to flourish in the area. Along the nature tail you’ll see not only majestic giant Confiners like Douglas-firs, hemlocks and cedars but also other ecosystem layers that cover the ground and are essential to the forest’s framework.

The trail is located in the Delta Campground off of highway 19, also known as the Aufderheide. From Eugene drive about 45 miles east on highway 126 then turn right on hwy 19. The campground is immediately on the right.

Walking the trail

Sword fern sprout


Hanging Moss

So Tall....


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