Cheers to Being Single!

While I always knew the time would come, I didn’t expect Wedding Season to come so soon. Now that I’m out of college, it seems everyone is getting married – planning the reception menus, picking out the white dress, and basking in honeymoon sun and bliss. And if they aren’t already signed up on the, sometimes girls even without a ring on the finger are planning out all the details in their head so to be ready when that special someone magically appears. But as friends settle down and prepare for the house and 2.5 kids, all I wonder is What is the rush? When did being single go out of style? I guess I’m behind on the times.

Bride and Groom's first dance

While I am not in the line for marriage and have only been a bride’s maid once – I am slowly becoming the ultimate guest – hitting up that open bar and free food in style – and saying Cheers to being single! So I thought with weddings shows practically on every channel this spring and so many relationship status updates on Facebook to keep up with, that it was time to share some of my wedding love.

Something Old

In a maroon and gold sparkly dress paired with a black knee length sweater duster, I stood in the back of a gaggle of girls that smelled like a flower store staring down at my clunky black sandal clad feet. With a scarlet red face from ultimate embarrassment that my parents sent my twelve-year-old single self to the front of the room and the inevitable pre-teen pimples, I begrudgingly waited for the traditional toss to be over. With hands at my sides and completely unprepared, I found out in a split second that the fragrant scent coming from the wedding scene wasn’t from the single-and-mingling females in front of me but actually the rose bouquet hitting me in the face. My babysitter had quiet the arm. (Yes babysitter).

The wedding tradition of throwing the boutique and garter go back centuries and the folk lore further. Those lucky to catch the iconic items are said to be the next to marry, but if this was true – I feel bad for the unfortunate souls of the ladies who would still be manless from my accidental catch.

While movies such as Wedding Crashers and 27 Dresses, portray women as the fighters for the title of next in line, from the majority of weddings I’ve attended the ladies are the last to move while the boys go crazy for the little leg tie.

Today I think the tradition is more of a sign of availability. In an across the room game of charades, my parents signed to me “take down names” when the eager guys awaited the flying garter at the wedding I attended last weekend.

Something New

Reuniting with old friends

While Pipi Middleton may have pulled off wearing white at the wedding of the year, I wouldn’t try this new trend at the next wedding you attend ladies. gives a great list of the general clothing dos and don’ts for wedding wear because those hot new trends may sounds like a great idea, but sometimes going with classic can be classy. Rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see you in your clothing choice, the bridal party’s grandmothers doesn’t want to see it either.

Something Borrowed

Even with two left feet, I leave it all out on the dance floor. Yet don’t expect me to be the first person to hit the floor especially if the music blaring out of the speakers is in the Top 50 from this year. Wedding audiences span the generations and so should the music. Borrow your parents IPOD for tunes that bring people together. When I was young I can remember my parents offering to pay me to dance with my cousin at a family wedding, but I stubbornly stayed glued to my seat. But now with a confident lead, even if I don’t know the person, dancing hand-in-hand to some classic swing or oldies-but-goodies is a great way to get the crowd moving and get to know one-another.

Something Blue

Weddings aren’t about being blue – they are a time of celebration. So if you are sad about being single, just lift your glass to the couple and know your time will come. But today is there day. Cheers!


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