Eugene Summer Bucket List 2011

So last year Sarah and I drafted a Eugene Summer Bucket list for those afternoons when we were board and couldn’t think of anything to do. It was going to be out jumping off point for an awesome three months in the sun. We finished maybe half of our ideas for 2010, but after 9 months of rain..and rain…and more cold, icky rain we are refreshed and ready to start checking off this years summer activities. Follow along for an awesome ride!

Eugene Summer Bucket List 2011

  1. Movie in the Park

    Hiking the Hobbit Trail

  2. Drive-in Movie
  3. Sand boarding at Sand Master Park
  4. Race a tricycle at McShane’s Bar & Grill
  5. Float Willamette River
  6. Hike as often as possible
    1. Silver Falls State Park
    2. Salt Creek Falls
    3. Kentucky Falls
    4. Bohemia Mountain Trail
    5. Mount June
    6. Alpine Trail
    7. Brice Creek Trail
    8. Delta Old Growth Trail
    9. Sweet Creek Falls
    10. Armitage County Park
    11. Elijah Bristrow
  7. Buy fresh veggies from produce markets

    Jumping Covered Bridges Tour

  8. Horseback riding
  9. See a movie at the David Minor Theater
  10. Hit a bucket of balls at the golf range
  11. Ride the water at the rock water slides near Triangle Lake
  12. Jump the coastal covered bridges
  13. Jump the McKenzie River covered bridges
  14. Drive the Aufderheide with audio
  15. Attend the Country Fair July 8-10
  16. Baseball Game
  17. Eat Out for Fun
    1. Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen
    2. Pizza Research Institute
    3. Cornucopia
    4. Serve-yourself frozen yogurt
  18. Track and Field Event
  19. Berry Picking

    Beach Time

  20. Laser Tag
  21. Cascades Raptor Center
  22. Camping
  23. Attend Free day at museum
  24. See lighthouses
  25. Bike Willamette river
  26. Hot air ballooning
  27. Wildlife safari
  28. Oregon Caves National Monument
  29. Ape Caves
  30. Wine tasting the Rogue Valley
  31. Visit Kyle in Ashland
  32. Alpaca Farm
  33. Corvallis Trip
  34. Volunteer
  35. Cultural Event
  36. Bite of Eugene

    Strawberry picking

  37. Paint Pottery
  38. Library Book Program
  39. Dorris Ranch Living History Farm
  40. Cottage Grove Speedway
  41. Bingo
  42. Sailing
  43. Concert in the Park
  44. Tree climbing
  45. Whitaker River Festival July 22, 4-7 (Oregon’s largest slip-n-slide)
  46. Bike Row River Trail
  47. Sky Diving
  48. Fishing
  49. The Vortex
  50. Visit the Hole-in-the-ground

4 thoughts on “Eugene Summer Bucket List 2011

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  4. That’s a lot to do in one summer. I like the huge slip n slide and it’s on my list this year to see a movie at a Drive In theater. Good luck with all of your adventures!

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